Autoklaven - Sterilisatoren
Steelco GmbH

Steelco offers a wide selection of saturated steam sterilizers to exceed industry standards, available in single or pass-through versions, with hinged (AVL Series) or sliding doors (AVS Series). Built to a very high standard, each unit is tailored to the customer’s individual specifications.

In pharmaceutical production, the need to optimize sterilization processes is important to increase safety and productivity.

Steelco is able to offer an extremely diversified product range capable of meeting the requirements of the most varied applications and satisfy the strict standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Chamber volume
from 195 litres / 7 cu.ft
to 10.000 litres / 353 cu.ft

Also available AMS, SD, AGS/AGSE, ASW serien machines - perfect coverage for every demand!

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