Lounges 2024 Karlsruhe
23. April 2024
Raum: 7
14:45 Uhr
Circular cleanroom garments–part of climate change control?
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Commitment to Science Based Targets
Roadmap to reduce carbon footprint in garment circulation
Working together throughout the whole supply chain
Shared responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions

Since committing to Science Based Targets in September 2023, Elis has developed a roadmap to reduce our carbon footprint in multiple areas of the business. One of them is garment production, use, maintenance, and end-of-life processing, where there is potential for reducing CO2 emissions and waste. Working together on this topic can help reduce CO2 emissions throughout the whole supply chain. Join our speakers to learn how your emissions can be reduced by opting for a circular cleanroom garment solution.

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