5 new episodes of "Reingehört" are waiting for you!
Harald Martin
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The new special episodes of the "Reingehört" podcast on the occasion of LOUNGES 2024 are online!

Five interesting episodes about exciting topics from the cleanroom and process technology industry with these exciting people and topics:

Steffen Röhm - No.1:

Steffen Röhm from Weisstechnik reveals the challenges and solutions of air dehumidification for industrial processes, from battery production to fizzy drinks manufacturing. The subtleties between condensation and adsorption dehumidification will be highlighted.

Egle Hammering - No.2:

Egle Hammering, CRS Manager at Elis Cleanroom, talks about the importance of circular cleanroom garments in the context of climate protection. She emphasizes the increasing relevance of sustainability and climate-friendly measures in the industry. The focus will be on the choice of textile solutions and their impact on climate change. The discussion also revolves around the impact of product lifecycles on the environment and the need for industry-wide collaboration to reduce negative impacts.

Steffen Röhm - No.3:

Steffen Röhm from Weiss Klimatechnik presents exclusive insights into the innovations of Annex1 from the perspective of plant engineering. From the planning of airlock systems to the classification of barrier systems, Steffen offers exciting insights into the current challenges and solutions in cleanroom technology.

Carsten Moschner - No.4:

Carsten Moschner and Alina Kopp from Dastex present exciting insights and solutions for cleanroom covers in various industries. Find out why covers are indispensable even in the cleanest environments and how they safeguard production processes. From customized textile covers to industrial solutions.

Nils Anschütz - No.5:

Nils Anschütz from Mettler-Toledo presents four consecutive topics on current processes and challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. From traditional plate counting to modern real-time microbiology systems, Nils will provide an overview of innovative approaches to precise monitoring and quality assurance.

→Here are the episodes

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Harald Martin
Inspire GmbH